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About Dup-A-Key Locksmiths

Lockout at the Star of India Trunk Opening at Coronado

Dup-A-Key is a local, family owned and operated San Diego mobile locksmith service. We specialize in car key and remote key programming, high security laser cut sidewinder keys, and car ignition repair service throughout San Diego. We also have a and key duplication center on Garnet Avenue and Haines Street. We copy house keys, car keys, chip keys, laser cut keys, motorcycle keys, and repair ignitions at our Pacific Beach locksmith and key duplication center.

We now have a second locksmith shop in and provide key duplication and car key programming on Voltaire Street and Poinsettia Avenue. We copy house keys, car keys, chip keys, laser cut keys, motorcycle keys, and repair ignitions at our Point Loma locksmith shop and key duplication center.

Meet the Dup-A-Key Pacific Beach Locksmiths of San DiegoThe Dupe Boys San Diego

The Dupe Boys of San Diego

Vince fabricates keys in San Diego with his brother, Weston Fisk, at their Pacific Beach locksmith shop. He spends his days replacing lost car keys and motorcycle keys, duplicating keys, programming chip keys and car remotes, repairing car ignitions, and breaking into different things. He has a knack for business marketing and he is a vicious competitor in the San Diego car key market. When he has time, he kills large fish and eats them. Vince and his brother play blues and rock music. Vince plays rhythm and lead guitar, blues harp, sings, and jams with his brother, Weston. They jam hard. pacificbeachcarlocksmith@gmail.com

aka Paco, Zulu
Locksmith Owner Vince in the Dup-A-Key Van

Weston makes keys in San Diego with his brother, Vincent Fisk, at their Pacific Beach locksmith shop. Weston is a skilled locksmith and specializes in high security keys, proximity remotes, and European vehicle ignition failure. He is a skilled builder and licensed general contractor. Weston is the driving force behind the office expansions and vehicle build-outs at Dup-A-Key. He updates his informative automotive price guide annually and he sets key pricing throughout San Diego. He is a coastal fish slayer. Wes plays blues and rock music with his brother. He plays guitar, drums, sings, and writes songs with Vince. They jam hard. Really hard. missionbeachlocksmith@gmail.com

aka Zip, Delta
Locksmith OwnerWeston A-Ok
The Pacific Beach Locksmith Dup-A-Key Team Pacific Beach Locksmiths in San Diego

Josh works the streets of San Diego, popping open cars, picking locks, and replacing car keys and bike keys. He enjoys the open road and he is online and on time, working with Dup-A-Key customers to arrive at a working key solution.

He first met the Dupe Boys when they opened the Pacific Beach Locksmith Shop. He petitioned for a job but the Dupe Boys were against hiring friends. A year later, he convinced them that he was the man for the job, and began his swashbuckling locksmith adventures. San Diego is lucky to have someone like Josh in their corner. Excellent customer service and finding key solutions have always been his top priority. He's fun to be around too.

Josh Conca
aka Two Can
Penetration Specialist Josh Conca

A New Jersey transplant, that was promptly abused by his peers, upon arrival at the Pacific Beach locksmith shop. "We had to make sure he wasn't going to be a sissy boy. We did him a favor. These San Diego streets would have mangled his delicate baby hands. We turned his hands into shovels.", says one of his trainers. "I'm not sorry for making him better."

Dan has proven he belongs on the Pacific Beach locksmith lineup. His dexterity, ability to define key solutions, and willingness to learn new tricks, has set him on his path to locksmith legend. Summer will tell if he has what it takes. Hot, busy summers always define the best from the rest.

Dan Gruszecki
aka Dog the Burrito Hunter
Manipulation AgentDan the Locksmith

A California native, from the Imperial Valley, Diego was dropped off at the local pool every day to keep him out of trouble. He got really good at swimming and eventually worked there as a lifeguard and swim instructor. Sick of the chlorine and the water aerobics ladies constantly harassing him, he headed for the ocean and San Diego. He needed a job and stumbled upon the Pacific Beach locksmith shop. The Dupe Boys had also been lifeguards, harassed by water aerobics ladies, growing up. They could relate to his plight, liked his can-do attitude, and put him to work.

Diego is an avid surfer and a very fast swimmer. We were stunned to see he can eat a BBQ burger faster than the reigning food processor, Vincent. No one had ever beat Vince in a food fight and we all found it utterly amazing. Diego enjoys long walks on the beach, a good bottle of red wine, and cool San Diego nights under the stars.

Diego Zapata
aka Face, Romeo
Locksmith Rook Dan the Locksmith

Not anyone can walk into the Pacific Beach locksmith shop, and with a steady hand and an eye for detail, navigate the locksmith shop through the rough waters of Pacific Beach. There is a lot going on and you need to be able to manage your time and energy between excellent customer service, detailed office paperwork, and keeping an eye on unruly locksmith techs. You need to be socially nimble enough to handle difficult customers and expedite clients to the correct key solution, even if it's not us providing locksmith service. She walked in and started popping locks open and cutting keys right away. She was not afraid of cutting on the key machines, like most fresh newbies. We thought she might be a corporate spy who had tipped her hand by being too good. We called a guy. She checked out. Just a natural. Come in to Dup-A-Key and visit our 2015 Pacific Beach locksmith all-star lineup.

Jessica Evans
aka Reno
Key Shop ManagerJessica Evans the Pacific Beach Locksmith

Dave was a child computer hacker that grew into an SEO power player. He knows the Dupe Boys from way back. Dave and Wes met at a backyard barbecue near the border when they both showed up with yellowtail. They got into a fist fight over whether to fillet or steak the fish. After a half hour of scrapping and bad mouthing, they became fast friends. He is the only person the Dupe Boys trust with their online presence. He works from home, in Ensenada, on his fishing boat / camper / apartment. Dave is a fish killing machine. He consistently puts meat on the deck and is almost never skunked. At night, you can find him playing his fusion of latin, reggae, and rock music throughout the city and beyond. He plays the bongos and the baritone ukulele. He jams hard.

Dave Hernandez
aka Cuñado, Foxtrot
Marketing Director
Dave the Fish Killer
Dup-A-Key Locksmith Eco Support Vehicle - Big Red

Summer beach parking is a problem. The problem is, there is none. A Dup-A-Key locksmith would have a lockpick three blocks away. He gets to the call and there is nowhere to put the truck. Round and around. Finally, the truck is blocking a lane of traffic while he pops the door. He would then spend 30 minutes circling the key shop to find another spot. This was a frustrating, wasteful problem and needed to be addressed.

Enters Big Red. Dup-A-Key's solution to local Pacific Beach car lockouts, lockpicks, and simple house rekey jobs. We've put a toolbox on it.

We have completed our Eco Friendly Locksmith Trike; just in time for summer beach traffic hurdles and congested parking challenges. It was a fun locksmith vehicle build and we enjoyed it. Check out our Locksmith Blog to watch the 2015 Spring Eco Friendly Locksmith Tricycle Build as it developed.

Pacific Beach Mobile Locksmith

The Dupe Boys with their Mom

No one ever believes we're brothers. Well, here we are with our Mom. Can you see the family resemblance?

San Diego car key locksmiths replace car keys.

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Pacific Beach
Locksmith Shop

1478 Garnet Avenue
San Diego, CA 92109


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San Diego Car Key Locksmith

We are fast, mobile, car key locksmiths with extensive experience in automotive locksmith work, car chip keys, remote keys, laser cut sidewinder keys, and ignition repair.

San Diego Mobile Locksmith
Hours Daily
San Diego Service Areas

The Locksmith Trucks

Car Chip Key San Diego
"El Burro" decommissioned 4/8/2015

The first locksmith truck in the Dup-A-Key commercial fleet. Purchased at a drug seizure auction through a fellow locksmiths' dealer license, this workhorse has been one of the cornerstones of Dup-A-Key's mobile locksmith service.

'El Burro' was beat down when we received it. Radiator full of dirt. Engine smagged. Clearly violated from the drug searching. New belts, new pumps, new radiator, hoses, engine flush, power wash, wiring, sweat, and a touch of Weston's magic with revitalizing vehicles. Boom. We've got ourselves a locksmith truck. Game on.

Car Chip Key San Diego
"The Stickman"

The second locksmith truck in the Dup-A-Key commercial fleet. We rolled the dice when we converted Weston's contractor truck, into a car key cutting control unit. We had the cab built custom so it would have the same inside working height as 'El Burro', and short enough to still get into 90 percent of the parking structures in San Diego. We had to add a leaf to the suspension so it didn't dog around town. It's stick shift, so the Dupe Boys prefer it. This truck has really pulled its weight in dominating San Diego high security car key calls.

"The NV of SD"

NV of SD locksmith truck
The third locksmith truck in the Dup-A-Key San Diego commercial fleet. Technically, a station wagon, this vehicle has a low profile and small footprint, but has more room inside than the other locksmith trucks. Car Chip Key San Diego
This is Weston after receiving the key truck. The new Dup-A-Key NV locksmith truck is so sweet. Here are the Dupe Boys running electrical lines for the charging system.
This is an exciting locksmith build out for us. Here is Weston, after he finished the woodwork on the key pegboards and locksmith workbenches.
Pacific Beach Locksmith Build Weston Fisk
Check out our Locksmith Blog to watch the 2015 Spring NV Locksmith Truck Build as it unfolded at our San Diego beaches.

Instagram Check out our Instagram channel for our 15 second video updates. Here are the finishing touches videos. Here is a video of the key duplicator we installed in the Pacific Beach Locksmith Trike.

Mobile Locksmith Pacific Beach

Program Car Chip Remote Keys in San Diego

San Diego locksmiths replace car remotes and car remote keys.
Dup-A-Key locksmiths can drive to you in San Diego to replace your remote key.
Don't pay dealer prices and tow your car. Local car key locksmiths come to you
in San Diego to cut and program your car remote key on site.
At our Pacific Beach locksmith shop we can program new remotes for your car.
Check out our YouTube video on car remotes.

Pacific Beach Car Remote
Laser Cut Key San Diego

Laser Cut Sidewinder Chip Keys in San Diego

San Diego locksmiths replace laser cut sidewinder chip car keys.
Dup-A-Keylocksmiths drive to you in San Diego to replace your laser cut chip key.
Don't pay dealer prices and tow your car. We can come to you in San Diego to make your laser cut key. Get a price break on a spare laser cut key on site. We duplicate
sidewinder keys and program remote keys at our Pacific Beach key shop.

Car Ignition Repair in San Diego

Pacific Beach locksmiths repair and replace ignitions in San Diego, California.
Dup-A-Key locksmiths can drive to your location and repair the ignition on site.
If you get the ignition to turn, drive it over to our Pacific Beach locksmith shop.
Common ignition failures occur with certain car makes and models.
Ford Focus - Chrysler / Jeep / Dodge - Honda / Acura - Toyota / Lexus

Car Ignition Repair San Diego
Broken Key San Diego

Replace Worn or Broken Chip Key in San Diego

If your car chip key has broken off in a lock in San Diego, we can help.
Dup-A-Key locksmiths drive to you in San Diego and remove the broken key.
If your chip key is worn or broken, and a duplicate key won't cut it, bring both pieces
of the broken key in to our Pacific Beach key shop and we can replace your
worn or broken key with a new chip key cut to factory specifications.
Check out our YouTube video on worn and broken keys.

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Frequently Asked Locksmith Questions

How do I know a San Diego locksmith is licensed?

To work on locks and originate keys in San Diego, California, an individual must be a licensed locksmith with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. The State of California wants to keep an eye on us locksmiths. They're going to want a background check and some fingerprints too. To find out if the locksmith you have selected to use is legitimate, look on the BSIS website and verify the locksmith license status. Our license is LCO 4779

Is the locksmith going to charge additional fees on site?

We have heard many customer stories about how a locksmith said it would be a mere $35 to lockpick the front door. The locksmith came out and charged an additional $200 to drill out the lock. $235 to drill the lock, and no replacement? That is poor locksmith service and a predatory practice that is frowned upon by Dup-A-Key locksmiths. We give you the full price over the phone. Keep in mind, on broken key calls especially, there may be more going on with the lock then what was discussed on the phone. If you need a lock repair, the price will be discussed, and a deal struck before lock service is rendered. Dup-A-Key locksmiths are skilled professionals that understand and value customer service.

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