Pacific Beach Locksmith Welcomes Dan Gruszecki To Lineup


Pacific Beach Locksmith Candidate Selection

There is nothing quite as fierce and competitive as the candidate selection of an apprentice Pacific Beach locksmith. The prospective locksmith employees withstood an exhaustive interview process. The psychological tests are particularly stressful. 

“To be a Pacific Beach locksmith, a person must possess a unique skill set and an inner strength.’, says Vincent Fisk, a locksmith trainer at Dup-A-Key locksmith. “It’s our job to weed out the unskilled and weak minded ones. I love my job.”

After the initial selection process, the remaining Pacific Beach locksmith candidates are subjected to a battery of physical and mental tests. They are pushed to the breaking point. Driving tests, typing tests, Rorschach inkblot tests, social interaction tests, and various technical exams are administered.

“It’s easy to write something on your resume.”, says Vince, grinning at me from behind a pair of blue blockers. “I see it every day. People think they can do something, so they say they have experience. There is saying and there is doing. You shake them all up and see who rises to the top.” 

Expecting Excellence

We asked the locksmith trainer why  the apprentice locksmith selection process was so grueling.

“We expect excellence.” replied Vince. “Our customers expect it and our employees will deliver it or find something else to do. It has to be that way. These San Diego streets will grind your bones if you’re not a strong locksmith. We can’t afford to put a barney out here. They’d be mangled.”  

It is this steady focus on customer service and aptitude that has been the key to this Pacific Beach locksmiths’ meteoric rise in the San Diego locksmith scene. 

It comes down to the final three candidates and they are put in the locksmith shop for a day to work side by side with the other locksmiths. Unfocused and combative candidates are removed. ” We need to see if they can play nice with the other locksmiths.”, explains Vince. “We’re a team at Dup-A-Key Locksmith Shop and you need to fit into that equation or you won’t be part of our locksmith crew.” locksmith-key-copy-pacific-beach

It comes down to two candidates and the whole team is there discussing strengths and weaknesses. It is a tough decision. There is some strong language. A choice is made.

Dan Gruszecki is newest Pacific Beach Locksmith

Dan Gruszecki is handed the title of apprentice locksmith for Pacific Beach. If you see Dan in the Pacific Beach locksmith shop, congratulate him and wish him the best on his journey to locksmith legend. His great attitude, dexterity, and ability to learn new tasks quickly has earned him a spot on the Dup-A-Key Locksmith lineup.

Dan will work with you to come to a key solution.
Dan will work with you to come to a key and lock solution at Dup-A-Key Pacific Beach.