Pacific Beach Locksmiths Install Electrical in New Nissan San Diego Locksmith Truck

NV-wiring-componentsSo the shipment for the Nissan electrical arrived and we went to town on wiring up the locksmith truck. We went the solenoid setup over the diode setup for the battery charging system. We had the diode system in ‘El Burro’ . I remember one of the guys at Broadway Electrical saying they were “not that great”. He was right. It was problematic and had to be replaced, after frying itself out. Didn’t do wonders for the battery either.  Those guys at Broadway Electrical, in Lemon Grove, are great. They really know their stuff. They ran a short down for us once.  We searched for a couple days. It kept blowing the fuse and we couldn’t find it. They ran it down. Good service and knowledgeable. Solenoid all the way for us. We have the same charging setup in the ‘The Stickman’ and it works great. Not one problem.


Running the lines for the lights and the fan went pretty quick. Nice and tidy. Here is Weston, checking out his handiwork at the fuse box. Solid marine grade setup he found on the web. Perfect for our ocean air environment.

wes-fuseboxSo then comes running the main electrical wire to the engine compartment.
vince-running-wireThis can only really be properly done by removing the seat. You almost always have to remove the seats on a good build. You don’t want wires sticking out or chaffing on a bad run. I know your wire comes in a thick plastic coating, but you have to hide and protect your electrical system. It’s more fragile than you would think.

vince-wire-frontNext I run the wire into the center console and then through an existing hole under the dashboard. I look rad in those Oakleys. I managed not to scratch them throughout the  run. My eyes felt super relaxed the whole time. Hooray Oakley! Made in USA. USA! USA! Bringing back the chant! vince-running-line-consoleThis is me, licking the emergency brake handle. That’s a pretty hair bun. 
engine-compartment-locksmith-truckSo the wire has been run through to the engine comparment and there is a  lot of room in the front engine compartment. That  made mounting the solenoid a piece of cake. There is a nice spot on the body near the battery.

solenoid mount

Here is the two battery charging system all hooked up and with the inline fuses for both batteries installed. Overall, a tidy little install. Good job, Wes.complete-electrical-engine

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