Pacific Beach Locksmiths Prep to Install the Toolbox to the Big Red Eco Trike Rapid Response Locksmith Unit

So we have completed the NV of SD Nissan locksmith truck and have now set our sights on completing our Eco Friendly Rapid Response Trike – Big Red big-red-toolbox-ground-2

So, it has some holes that need to be repaired and a set of mounts welded on the inside of the box to install the slider brackets for the key duplicator. It is off to the welder on Cass Street for some touchup work. big-red-toolbox-bolt-holes

Here is Weston propping up the box so you can see what it will look like once it is installed. We’re going to paint it white and the decals for it are ready to go. So exciting to have this ride on line. It is going to make our locksmith rekeys, car lockouts, and lockpick runs around the beach a lot easier on the boys. Hope our welder gets it back to us this week. Stay tuned for the our rapid response locksmith trike that can circumvent beach  traffic and doesn’t need a parking space or gasoline. big-red-toolbox-wes-back-smile Heres a side view. I’m glad Big Red is a 6 speed. A quick estimate puts the extra weight load at 85 – 90 lbs. Looks like we should all be in excellent shape by the end of the summer. Yaa! Summer is here!big-red-toolbox-wes-smile

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Vincent Fisk

I am a locksmith in San Diego, California. I work with my brother, Weston. We have a key shop in Pacific Beach and a mobile locksmith service. We specialize in car keys, chip keys, remotes, laser cut keys, and ignition repair. We don't have an aversion to money, so we do residential locksmith work as well. It's not as glamorous as our car key work. We like to catch big fish and eat them at backyard barbecues. My brother and I jam hard on our guitars. Mostly blues and rock.