The New Slick Lock Puck Hasp Design Reduces Install Time and the 360 Spinner Sleeve Prevents Force Attacks

NV-slick-locks-corner-shotThe 2015 Locksmith Spring Build marches on at the Pacific Beach Dup-A-Key Locksmith Shop. The Dupe Boys have installed their new Slick Locks mounting brackets and American Lock puck locks with the Slick Locks 360 Spinner and we are really happy with the easy install and low profile design.

slick-lock-frontCheck it out!  We went with American Lock puck locks because of their special ribbed pin design, making it harder to pick; giving her a heightened sensation.slick-lock-driver-alone The 360 Spinner inserts have a really cool design. They reduce the chance of a forced attack, by making it difficult to get a solid grip on the puck lock.
slick-lock-driver-handSlick Locks 360 Spinner design turns the locks into a rotating bearing that prohibits locks from being forcefully twisted off. It will just spin.slick-lock-hand-keyPretty neat. It has a split ring insert to install on the front of the Slick Locks 360 Spinner. It keeps the American Lock puck in place. Sweet looking lock.slick-lock-hand-reverseThe back of the lock looks like this. The spinner is recessed behind the puck lock, making it resistant to prying the spinner lock guard off. NV-slick-locks-rear-door-bracket-2Check out the mounting bracket hasps. The hasps install where the latches mount on the doors. These are the rear barn door brackets.NV-slick-locks-side-door-bracketCheck out the side door hasps. They bolt right into the current mounting brackets. Yes, I photshopped out the VIN to our truck. Stamp tool.hasp-driver-sideThis latch insert style is a lot easier to install than the older style where you had to diassemble the door panel and maybe take out the seats so you could get enough room to drill the holes and install the carriage bolts for the protective hasps that went around the locks. Here is an older style example.old-hasp-designThis protective hasp provides solid protection, but it  is a real pain to install. You had to be super careful while drilling into your door panels and there are access panels that had to be made to ensure correct tightening of all the bolts. These panels had to be filed or you run the risk of slicing open your hand on jagged metal. slick-lock-hand-key-openWith the new puck locks installed, it’s time to complete the NV hardware install and reconfigure the Dup-A-Key locksmith equipment. The sun is setting on El Burro’s San Diego locksmithing rampage. You have served the Dupe Boys well, old friend. Stay tuned to our San Diego Locksmith Blog as our Pacific Beach locksmiths complete the Dup-A-key 2015 Spring Locksmith Build and prep for an excellent summer.

If you have a commercial vehicle and would like to discuss security options, give Dup-A-Key a call. We can work with you to come to a solution.


Dup-A-Key Nissan NV Locksmith Truck 2015 Spring Build

wes-nv-newThe third locksmith truck in the Dup-A-Key commercial fleet. Technically, a station wagon, this vehicle has a low profile and small footprint, but has more room inside than the other trucks. This is Weston after receiving the key truck. The new Dup-A-Key locksmith truck is sweet. This is an exciting build out for us.

We scoured the internet for the Adrian Steel tool boxes we would need for the build. Weston found them in Placentia, near Anaheim. We got a good deal on them and even had one left over for Big Red, our new beach lockout tricycle build.inside-adrian

So then comes the custom fabrication. Weston lives for this part. We put all the hardware in and make the measurements for cutting the toolboxes and fitting them into the locksmith truck. You need a certain amount of room to move around between benches. So you have to cut out around the wheel wells and tighten everything up against the wall. Here is my handiwork, cutting out a shelving unit for the work bench where the wheel well is going to be. vince-wheel-well-holesThe blue tape is there so I don’t slice my hand when the grinder kicks. Cutting commercial grade steel takes time and a few cutting wheels.

wes-mugginWes is cutting and drilling things too. He wears eye protection to protect his long eyelashes. He wants to know what’s up? Are you mad dogging him? Better not.

wes-van-goofHere is the base of the work bench ready to be installed. Weston wants to know what’s taking so long to get it in the van. I’m documenting this install, Wes. Chill.


They’re all fitted in! Time for a well deserved brewski. Looks good, Weston. Living the High Life. You are a craftsman. That top on the workench is not staying on there. It was the old one. We don’t like it. Stay tuned for the rest of the 2015 Spring Locksmith Build. We’re having fun this year building out locksmith vehicles. Vroom vroom.

Dup-A-Key Moves Beach Trike Eco Project Forward

Big Red Cruises on to the PB Scene

Safety is job 1 at Dup-A-Key. New flag and cool helmet.

We call the new Pacific Beach Key Shop Eco Support Vehicle  ‘Big Red‘, after the cinnamon gum. The Dup-A-Key Locksmiths were stoked to see the red tricycle beaming in the fresh sun of the first day of Daylight Savings ending. The world had turned. The sweet sights and suntan lotion smells of spring had arrived in Pacific Beach. Due to an unusually warm winter, the days of beanies and hoodies had never arrived. We went straight back to bikinis and board shorts and there was no complaining from the Dup-A-Key crew. Working the winter was chill and the warm winter carried the promise of a warm summer, which meant a couple things. Fish and tourist traffic would be in abundance. Money and meat. Yum.

Summer beach locksmithing has it’s own set of problems, the biggest being parking. Getting parking is a piece of cake before 10 am. You cruise right in. The parking beach dragon rears its congested head around 1:30 pm after the marine layer has burned off. The parking problem is, there is none. A Dup-A-Key penetration specialist will have a lockout call three blocks south and over two west. He gives up a coveted parking spot he wrangled earlier in front of the key shop. He gets to the call and there is nowhere to put the truck. Wall to wall traffic and a desperate circling pattern ensues. Round and around. Finally, the hazards are flipped and the truck is blocking a lane of traffic while he pops the door. Not fun for anyone. Contributing to the congestion now. He would then spend 30 minutes circling the key shop to find another parking spot. The parking dilemma  stopped the locksmith tech from being happy and productive, and burned unnecessary fuel.  This was a frustrating, wasteful problem, and needed to be addressed.

Dup-A-Keys nimble, eco- friendly, support vehicle
Dup-A-Keys nimble, eco- friendly, support vehicle before it is outfitted for locksmith service.

Enters Big Red. Dup-A-Key’s  solution to local Pacific Beach simple locksmith jobs during high traffic beach days. A tricycle could weave it’s way in and out of busy beach traffic, did not require a parking space, did not require fuel, and could be secured to almost anything. It’s service area and locksmith job scope would be limited, but with the right toolbox, it could handle local car lockouts, residential lock-picks, and simple residential re-keys. It could also be used to pick up supplies and with the right signage, is a nifty little marketing vehicle. It was an idea the Dupe Boys had deliberated on before, but had never pulled the trigger on. Then, one beautiful spring morning, the local PB bike shop, Pacific Coast Cycles opens another location next door, and outside their shop was a shiny red 6 speed tricycle for sale.  It was promptly purchased. Plans were drawn up, and supporting purchases were made. Stay tuned to our blog as this eco-friendly support vehicle is outfitted and implemented at our Pacific Beach Locksmith Shop.

Pacific Beach Locksmith Welcomes Dan Gruszecki To Lineup


Pacific Beach Locksmith Candidate Selection

There is nothing quite as fierce and competitive as the candidate selection of an apprentice Pacific Beach locksmith. The prospective locksmith employees withstood an exhaustive interview process. The psychological tests are particularly stressful. 

“To be a Pacific Beach locksmith, a person must possess a unique skill set and an inner strength.’, says Vincent Fisk, a locksmith trainer at Dup-A-Key locksmith. “It’s our job to weed out the unskilled and weak minded ones. I love my job.”

After the initial selection process, the remaining Pacific Beach locksmith candidates are subjected to a battery of physical and mental tests. They are pushed to the breaking point. Driving tests, typing tests, Rorschach inkblot tests, social interaction tests, and various technical exams are administered.

“It’s easy to write something on your resume.”, says Vince, grinning at me from behind a pair of blue blockers. “I see it every day. People think they can do something, so they say they have experience. There is saying and there is doing. You shake them all up and see who rises to the top.” 

Expecting Excellence

We asked the locksmith trainer why  the apprentice locksmith selection process was so grueling.

“We expect excellence.” replied Vince. “Our customers expect it and our employees will deliver it or find something else to do. It has to be that way. These San Diego streets will grind your bones if you’re not a strong locksmith. We can’t afford to put a barney out here. They’d be mangled.”  

It is this steady focus on customer service and aptitude that has been the key to this Pacific Beach locksmiths’ meteoric rise in the San Diego locksmith scene. 

It comes down to the final three candidates and they are put in the locksmith shop for a day to work side by side with the other locksmiths. Unfocused and combative candidates are removed. ” We need to see if they can play nice with the other locksmiths.”, explains Vince. “We’re a team at Dup-A-Key Locksmith Shop and you need to fit into that equation or you won’t be part of our locksmith crew.” locksmith-key-copy-pacific-beach

It comes down to two candidates and the whole team is there discussing strengths and weaknesses. It is a tough decision. There is some strong language. A choice is made.

Dan Gruszecki is newest Pacific Beach Locksmith

Dan Gruszecki is handed the title of apprentice locksmith for Pacific Beach. If you see Dan in the Pacific Beach locksmith shop, congratulate him and wish him the best on his journey to locksmith legend. His great attitude, dexterity, and ability to learn new tasks quickly has earned him a spot on the Dup-A-Key Locksmith lineup.

Dan will work with you to come to a key solution.
Dan will work with you to come to a key and lock solution at Dup-A-Key Pacific Beach.


Ocean Beach Locksmith – Car Keys


Ocean Beach Car Keys and Car Openings

Ocean Beach Locksmith

If you live at the beach, you know how the ocean waves can steal your keys, or the sand at the beach will hide them. If you have lost them to the sea, and there are no spare keys  back at the pad, give us a call. We are local Ocean Beach locksmiths that can open your car to retrieve your keys or make a new car key from scratch.

Ocean Beach Car Keys Made At Your Location

Our Ocean Beach locksmith makes a variety of different types of car keys.transponder-car-key-3

Transponder Chip Car Keys

Ocean Beach locksmith technicians can make a wide array of transponder chip car keys at your location. Towing can be expensive and sometimes your vehicle is in a location where you can’t get a tow truck close enough to drag it out. Our Ocean Beach locksmiths can come to your location and make a programmed car chip key while you wait. There is no need to tow it to the dealer when you can have a key made at your house. If you are in Ocean Beach give us a call. 858-750-2224


High Security Remote Head Keys

Ocean Beach locksmith technicians can also make the fancy high security remote head keys for keys that have all the buttons, bells, and whistles. We can make these car keys on site at your vehicle so you don’t have to tow it. If you just need a duplicate, come by our shop and we can make a copy of your key and program it to your car while you relax in our waiting area or you can drop it off and shop at the many stores near our locksmith shop in Pacific Beach.

Our Ocean Beach locksmith technicians are stationed in the San Diego coastal communities and can usually be to your car or truck in a flash.

Ocean Beach Cars Opened

We can open your car if the keys are locked inside and we can make a new car key on the spot. We open trunks when the keys are locked inside. We also unlock hard to open European cars.

Give us a call for a quote. 858-750-2224. Visit our website at

Broken Keys Replaced in Pacific Beach


Your key is broken. Don’t panic. If you freak out and start sticking things into the lock there’s a good chance you may push the broken key in further, or you may damage the lock. A few good decisions now can save you time and money.

Step 1:  A few deep breaths.

This isn’t the end of the world. This is just another part of your misadventures in life. You’re going to get through this.  Money can fix this. Don’t spend too much. Don’t start blaming people for breaking your key. Your better than that.

Step 2:  Call for a quote on your broken key issue. 

Believe it or not, keys break every day. A good locksmith is trained on how to remove them. The key is finding one in your area that can help you at a reasonable price.

Ask some questions of the person on the phone. Is there a shop that I can bring the pieces of the key and have them made? What are your shop hours? If I tow my car to your shop is there a place to park? Are there additional charges if you go out to the car? Does that price include parts and labor? Are you going to act stupid and jack up the price when you get here?

Figure out what your getting into. You need the whole price over the phone. Then you can proceed. You know what to expect. You are in charge of your life. Making good, calm choices usually saves time and money. You got this.

Step 3: Get the right help for your broken key situation.

Instead of requesting mobile locksmith service out to your location, you can usually get a better price if you can bring the pieces of the key into the locksmith shop. If you bring both pieces of the broken key into the shop, we can cut a key back to factory specifications while you wait.

Sometimes that is not an option. If the key is broken in the ignition of your car, we can come out to where your car is located and take care of it on site. If it is a broken key in the door to your house or office, we can come out to your location and make a new key on site.

If you need help in San Diego, California, give us a call at 858-750-2224. We have a locksmith shop in Pacific Beach at 1478 Garnet Avenue. We have mobile locksmith service as well. We can help you find the right solution to your broken key woes.

Check out this video we made on broken keys. It describes broken keys in depth.

Laser Cut Key Duplicates in Pacific Beach

My car key is fancy. Bring out the LASER!

Car keys today are high tech devices. They usually have three systems working in sync to ensure your security and safety. There is the keyless entry remote section, for arming and disarming the alarm, and actuating the locks. There is the transponder chip system, which works with your car’s computer. It disables starting the car, if the chip codes don’t match up. Last, but not least, is the high security LASER cut key.


This key requires special equipment to cut the key, but there is no high intensity  laser melting metal involved. These keys are cut using a side milling cutting machine. It has a tracer arm and a metal bit arm that looks like a stubby drill bit. After you set the correct cutting depth, this metal bit will mill the side of the key blank, cutting grooves into the metal.


When we duplicate these laser cut keys, we trace the edges of your original key and it cuts the new key on the other vise. Its important to calibrate the depths correctly so the new key moves freely and actuates the lock easily.

We also have key equipment to originate high security keys from scratch, or read the cuts of an old, worn out high security key and cut it back to new, factory specifications.laser-cut-key-dan-g

At our Pacific Beach locksmith shop, we can duplicate and program your laser cut key, or cut a new remote head shell, if your car key casing is

Surf Keys – Laser Cut Key

We also make surf keys, for people who want to be able to take a door key in the water and leave their fancy electronic key locked in the glove box. A better alternative to hiding your key in the sand or in your car’s wheel well.


Come in to our shop at 1478 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109.

Give us a call at 858-750-2224.